# Additional functionality

# Introduction

This section describes additional functionality that relates to the technical integration towards Pagero and Pagero Network.

# Technical responses

This section describes technical responses/receipts/ACKs in detail.

Technical responses

It is split in three subsections; protocol level response, message level response and business level response.

# Attachments

This section describes external attachments; what they are, when they are used and how to send and/or receive them.

External attachments

# Envelopes & batching

This section describes technical envelopes and batching such as SBDH, SOAP and ZIP.

These can be used to wrap business documents and help with addressing, transport etc.

Envelopes & batching

# Filenames

This sections describes filenames and the rules and conventions that apply to them in detail.


# Send modes

This section describes the different send modes used in our platform.

We do not utilize separate environment for test/stage/production. Instead we use different send modes within the same (production) environment to separate and route documents accordingly.

Send modes