# Additional functionality

# Introduction

This section describes additional functionality that relates to the technical integration towards Pagero and Pagero Network.

# Technical responses

This section describes technical responses/receipts/ACKs in detail.

Technical responses

It is split in three subsections; protocol level response, message level response and business level response.

# Attachments

This section describes external attachments; what they are, when they are used and how to send and/or receive them.

External attachments

# Envelopes & batchers

This section describes technical envelopes and batchers such as SBDH, SOAP and ZIP.

These can be used to wrap business documents and help with addressing, transport etc.

technical envelopes and batchers

# Filenames

This sections describes filenames and the rules and conventions that apply to them in detail.


# Send modes

This section describes the different send modes used in our platform.

We do not utilize separate environment for test/stage/production. Instead we use different send modes within the same (production) environment to separate and route documents accordingly.

Send modes