Pagero Integration Tools
Tools and guides for integrating with Pagero Online

Document Validation Tool

Pagero Document Validator

A free online tool for validating the correctness of business documents.
A wide variety of common formats is supported.


Pagero Online Web API

Pagero's Web API allows 3rd parties to integrate with Pagero Online by sending and receiving files and documents and much more.

Format Specifications

Pagero Universal Format (UBL)

A business document format developed and maintained by Pagero. Built on top of UBL 2.1, extending the widely adopted Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 standard.

Pagero cXML Integration Guide

A guide for implementing the cXML language for sending and/or receiving business documents to/from Pagero.


Message implementation guidelines (MIGs) for Pagero's various UN/EDIFACT based business document formats.

Platform Updates


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Service Status

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Format & Compliance

Find and follow upcoming format and compliance updates.