# Communication

# Introduction

There are several ways of connecting your system to Pagero Network.

Depending on transaction volume and technical requirements, our solutions range from very basic, manual ones to fully automated solutions integrated directly with your ERP system.

For clarity, we bundle our communication solutions in the following four categories: basic, advanced, other and REST APIs.

# Basic communication

Our most basic communication offering is:

  • Pagero Web Portal - An interface for creating business documents in your browser.

This solution is easy to get started with and works well for low document volumes.

Basic communication

# Advanced communication

Our advanced communication offerings include:

  • AS2 - Applicability Statement 2
  • SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

These solutions offer a high level of automatation and security. Suited for companies that have access to and utilizes an integration application.

Advanced communication

# Other communication

We also offer several other communication solutions that could be utilized to connect to Pagero Network, a selection of these solutions is presented below.

  • cXML - HTTP endpoint with synchronous cXML request-response handling.
  • Pagero Connect - Desktop client with a graphical user interface.
  • Pagero Server Connect - Fully automated application installed locally.

cXML works well for systems that are built mainly around the cXML language and require synchronous cXML request-response handling.

Pagero Connect and Pagero Server Connect are ideal solutions for systems that doesn´t support any of the protocols mentioned in advanced communication.

Other communication

If you wish to know what else we can offer, please contact us.


We offer a full set of REST APIs as well, that allows applications to integrate with our platform Pagero Online even more seamlessly.

For more information on these, please see the separate REST APIs section: