# Frequently asked questions

# Introduction

This section includes frequently asked questions about anything related to Pagero, Pagero Network and/or this site.

# General

# What is Pagero Network?

The Pagero Network connects buyers and suppliers to digitalise and automate the exchange of orders, delivery documents, invoices and payments. We are building the world’s largest open network for business transactions so that you can connect and exchange documents with any business in the world with a single connection to Pagero.

For more information on Pagero Network, see the following page on Pagero.com.

# Business documents

# What is an electronic business format?

See business documents for more detailed information.

# Is PDF a valid electronic invoice format?

While electronic by definition, PDF is generally not viewed nor accepted as a real electronic invoice format in most laws since it cannot be automatically processed by the receiver.

# Communication

# Do you support FTPS?

No, not as of November 2021. We support SFTP though, and a lot of other communication protocols. See communication for more info.

# Additional functionality

# Can I use timestamps in document filenames?

Yes, absolutely. See filenames for more detailed information.